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Our bright yellow and green bumper sticker has declared for more than 20 years that, “TREES ARE THE ANSWER.” Today, there’s plenty of science to back up our widely copied statement that’s seen on bumpers across North America and beyond. Indeed, trees are the answer to a host of environmental, economic, human health and social problems, and essential providers of valuable environmental services. They are vital public and private assets that serve our communities in countless economic and esoteric ways.

To help you spread this message beyond the back bumper, we’ve created this website to help inform, educate and communicate the importance of trees. Our close connections with research scientists, horticultural experts and others who influence the value of trees, give us an inside track to tree news and information that you can use.

We invite you to discover, learn and share the information that we have gathered here for your convenience.

We welcome you to:

Explore the informative websites that we find to be our favorites. The information will help our customers add value to your trees, and help consumers understand that trees don’t cost – they pay!

Analyze your urban forests by utilizing the web tools that we’ve gathered in this section. Learn how to leverage the science of urban forestry research into higher tree prices for you!

Select the “right tree for the right place” by choosing from the many tree selection sites that we have assembled here for you. National, international and regional sections help you narrow down your choices to the best tree or trees for your planting site.

Advocate for trees by taking advantage of the organizations and resources that we have assembled in this section. Non-profit tree planting and advocacy groups including the organizations highlighted here are our best partners in communicating the value of trees.

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