Before you specify*, take these simple steps to find the trees you are seeking. We’ll match your needs with nurseries in your region that have purchased our young trees for growing on to landscape size.

Consult our reference guide and/or website to determine that we grow the varieties and cultivars of trees you need. Fill out the form including the required fields that are marked with an asterisk.

We search up to seven years of JFS sales history to provide you with the names and phone numbers of nearby growers. Contact them directly to ask for their current availability.

* Due to the wholesale nature of our company, we are not staffed to provide this service to individuals outside the nursery/landscape trade. Homeowners and others who are interested in acquiring any of the trees described on this web site: ask your favorite landscape or nursery professional to contact us on your behalf.

If the trees are destined for a different location than listed in previous step, please provide the alternate location.
Please enter information aobut the trees you are seeking information about through TreeLocatorSM