Ringing endorsements of Redpointe® Maple

Redpointe® blazes bright red a couple of weeks before October Glory®. It’s a vigorous grower that forms a nice, tight, attractive crown. Rich, dark green foliage takes the heat very well.

John Barbour, Bold Spring Nursery, Georgia

“It’s a grower’s tree that doesn’t require a lot of inputs to produce a nice tree. It’s proven hardy in our area where other Red Maples have not.”

Dave Wylie, Braun Nursery Limited, Ontario, Canada

“Redpointe® is distinctively better than other red maples. It takes our heat in stride and has exceptional fall color.”

Jon Reelhorn, Belmont Nursery, California

It’s a handsome tree that’s easy to grow. The head doesn’t get out of control and it calipers nice at a young age.

Steve Wagner, Brock Farms Nursery, New Jersey 

My choice in red maples is Redpointe®. It has the best structure and stands up to our winds without damage. Great color too.

Paul Guthrie, Greene Ridge Tree Farm, Alabama