Redpointe® Maple Delivers Green

A Redpointe® Maple leaf and the leaf of a typical red maple demonstrate its superior resistance to leaf chlorosis. This condition is a frequent scourge of red maples when grown in high pH soils, causing foliage to yellow and often burn in summer heat.

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Redpointe® Maple is a rising star on the shade tree horizon. It’s the right tree, for the right place, at the right time. Tailored for today’s streetscapes and landscapes, it is a heat resistant, vigorous growing, colorful choice for sustainable landscapes.

Determined to be the top performer among seedlings selected in the J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co. Acer rubrum breeding program, Redpointe® Maple is proving to be an outstanding performer in nurseries and landscapes across North America.

Nurseries are finding it to be a pest and disease resistant tree that is easily maintained. Well-behaved, balanced growth eliminates the need for a lot of pruning and shaping to develop a symmetrical canopy.

A straight, dominant central leader assures uniformity. Strong branch attachments with ideal angles mean that less labor is needed to develop a pyramidal street tree shape.

Smaller and more refined than those of Acer x freemanii, leaves are deep green, heat-resistant and fresh looking all summer. Brilliant fall color appears early and is reliably bright red.

Improved resistance to anthracnose, spider mites and leaf hoppers are among the attributes of this cultivar of a North American native species.

Zone: 5
Height: 45'
Spread: 30'
Shape: Broadly pyramidal
Foliage: Dark green
Fall Color: Bright red