Tailored for tight spaces, Musashino Columnar Zelkova is ideal for planting along narrow city streets. This tall and slender tree provides welcome shade while rising above traffic to accommodate passing vehicles and pedestrians.

Musashino adds a strong visual element to the designer’s toolbox. Used singly, it is a landscape exclamation mark. Planted in groups or rows, this unusual cultivar creates a vertical design statement for parks, campuses, boulevards and other public spaces. Perfect symmetry makes it a great choice for creating inviting alleés or visual screens to block unsightly views.

Slender leaves with serrated margins give it a fine-textured appearance. Averaging three inches in length, the refined leaves are medium green throughout the growing season. Autumn tones range from warm yellow to rusty orange-red. Their small size minimizes the need for raking and leaf cleanup in the fall.

This uniquely narrow cultivar is a popular and successful urban tree in Japan. Recently introduced to the North American nursery trade by J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co., it is proving to be a tough, adaptable performer.