Ringing endorsements of Emerald Sunshine® Elm

“So far Emerald Sunshine is very grower friendly. Based on what I’ve seen of the parent tree, it will be a tree for the future. It is performing well for us in containers and in the field. Everyone is looking for diversity, and this tree has it.”

Andrew Lisignoli, Trees of Corrales, NM

“Emerald Sunshine Elm is a great performer for us that stands out in the field among the other trees. It has a very nice growth habit and exceptionally clean, light green leaves that are not damaged by insect feeding or summer heat.”

Roland Lenzenhuber, Forest Lawn Nursery, MO

“Emerald Sunshine® Elm is perfect for cities because it can handle any situation. It is tough and adaptable to the central valley heat, has low pruning needs, and is easy to grow. Sacramento area cities are looking to use elms again, and this one has many fans.”

Jeff Gravish, Boething Treeland Nursery, CA

"A great, clean tree for the Plains. This tree grows vigorously in the field, keeps a good compact head, and holds up to our hot, dry summers, looking fresh and vibrant."

Matt McHenry, Hillside Nursery, Wichita, KS

"One of the nicest elm introductions. Nice habit, cleanest potential

Ray Wiegand Nursery, MI