Our Dogwood Line
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Fabulous foliage, abundant flowers in a rainbow of colors, colorful fruit, beautiful bark and superb winter form are reasons that every landscape should include at least one dogwood. Few small trees suitable for garden use match their year-round beauty. Depending on the cultivars, you’ll find them available bare root, in containers and B & B.

Cornus florida

Pink Flowering Dogwood

Cornus florida rubra
Height: 20' | Spread: 20' | Zone: 5

Pink dogwood is an old time favorite for good reason. Delicate pink flower bracts smother its branches in spring. Upright and spreading in form, it matures in a rounded shape. Green foliage turns to a bright medley of red tones in autumn. Download PDF

Cherokee Brave Dogwood

Cornus florida 'Comco No.1' PP 10166
Height: 25' | Spread: 22' | Zone: 5

Bright pink bracts with white throats surround the tiny yellow flower clusters in the center of each showy bloom. Leaves emerge burgundy red and mature to rich dark green. This strong grower is resistant to powdery mildew. Download PDF

Cherokee Chief Dogwood

Cornus florida 'Cherokee Chief'
Height: 20' | Spread: 20' | Zone: 6

Flower bracts of this outstanding cultivar are rose red to ruby red. Their color intensity is much deeper than that of the delicate pink flowers of the much better known Pink Flowering Dogwood. Dark green leaves turn red in autumn. Download PDF

Cherokee Princess Dogwood

Cornus florida 'Cherokee Princess'
Height: 24' | Spread: 20' | Zone: 6

Large white bracts smother the sturdy branches of this very vigorous white flowering selection in the spring. It grows in an upright, oval shape while developing a rounded crown. Large, glossy green leaves of summer turn bright red in autumn. Download PDF

Cloud 9 Dogwood

Cornus florida 'Cloud 9'
Height: 15' | Spread: 20' | Zone: 5

Selected for its abundant flowers that smother the branches in spring, Cloud 9 produces a heavy crop of white blooms at an early age. The rounded flower bracts are overlapping and give a clean white appearance. Fall color is red. Download PDF

Prairie Pink Dogwood

Cornus florida 'Prairie Pink'
Height: 20' | Spread: 20' | Zone: 5

Tougher than its soft pink spring blooms suggest, this selection of our eastern native dogwood is ‘plains tough.” The late Dr. John Pair of Kansas State University, appreciated characteristics including thick, glossy leaves that are heat and tatter resistant. Growth habit is upright and spreading, and fall color is orange red to purple red. Download PDF

Cornus kousa

Chinese Kousa Dogwood

Cornus kousa chinensis
Height: 20' | Spread: 20' | Zone: 5

Chinese Kousa Dogwood has it all. Flowers, fruit, fall foliage and exfoliating bark deliver four-season beauty. In early summer, star-shaped white blossoms overlay tough, heat and drought resistant leaves. Edible red fruits form in late summer, attract birds and persist through the fall. Fall colors of red, orange and scarlet fall to reveal a distinctive horizontal branching pattern and mottled tan/grey bark. Download PDF

Champion's Gold™ Dogwood

Cornus kousa 'Losely' PP 23423
Height: 20' | Spread: 20' | Zone: 5

A tree of many colors! Leaves emerge green in spring. By mid-summer, foliage exposed to direct sun takes on a bright yellow hue, creating an overall multi-colored effect. As summer progresses, the yellow tones spread and intensify until autumn arrives, when the leaves turn bright orange-red. Download PDF

Galilean® Dogwood

Cornus kousa chinensis 'Galzam'
Height: 25' | Spread: 20' | Zone: 4

Large, hunter green leaves emerge in spring and are followed in late spring by extra-large white flowers that smother the branches of this robust-growing tree. Red fruits of late summer resemble large strawberries. Download PDF

Heart Throb® Dogwood

Cornus kousa 'Schmred'
Height: 20' | Spread: 20' | Zone: 5

Large reddish to rose-pink flowers will steal your heart as they unfurl in the spring. Formed by bracts and reaching up to four inches in diameter, the flowers last as long as two months in cool climates. Attractive dark green foliage turns deep red in the fall, when red fruits of about 3/4” diameter also provide seasonal interest. Download PDF

Milky Way Select Dogwood

Cornus kousa 'Milky Way Select'
Height: 15' | Spread: 15' | Zone: 5

Its name inspired by the starry galaxy, this cultivar was selected for its heavy and long lasting display of creamy white flowers. Blooms are composed of four large bracts that are so densely arranged that they hide the leaves in late spring. This showy cultivar with upright, vase shaped branching also features abundant bright orange-red fruit and excellent orange-red to red autumn color. Download PDF

Samaritan® Dogwood

Cornus kousa 'Samzam'
Height: 20' | Spread: 20' | Zone: 5

Sharply pointed, variegated leaves of creamy white and green are a perfect backdrop for the prolific crop of white blooms that appear in May and June. Strawberry-like red fruits ripen in late summer. These are soon upstaged by a remarkable show of fall color when the multi-colored leaves turn to rich pink and burgundy. Download PDF

Satomi Dogwood

Cornus kousa 'Satomi'
Height: 20' | Spread: 20' | Zone: 5

Late spring brings an abundant crop of long lasting rose pink blooms. Flower bracts stand out against a background of textured green leaves that turn to varied shades of red in the fall. Mature form is a vase shaped to rounded canopy. Download PDF

Scarlet Fire® Dogwood

Cornus 'Rutpink'
Height: 20' | Spread: 18' | Zone: 5

Dramatic fuchsia-pink blooms float atop dark green foliage in late spring and last for several weeks. Each bloom, formed by pointed bracts that do not overlap, resembles a four-pointed star. Leaves emerge with purple blush. Developed by Dr. Tom Molnar at Rutgers University. Download PDF

Summer Fun Dogwood

Cornus kousa 'Summer Fun'
Height: 18' | Spread: 15' | Zone: 5

White flower bracts of late spring complement rich, boldly contrasting green and cream-white leaves. Leaf margins are brighter white than those of other variegated dogwoods.Vivid fall tones are red orange and pink. Download PDF

Summer Gold Dogwood

Cornus kousa 'Summer Gold' PP 22765
Height: 15' | Spread: 15' | Zone: 5

White bracted flowers held above bright green and golden yellow variegated foliage are a flashy, eye catching combination in summer. In autumn, golden margins of the two-tone foliage become pink, and then the entire leaf turns bright red. Download PDF

Cornus - Hybrids

Aurora® Dogwood

Cornus x 'Rutban'
Height: 24' | Spread: 20' | Zone: 6

Branches laden with broad, creamy white, overlapping flower bracts recommend this C. kousa x C. florida hybrid as one of the most showy of the Rutgers dogwoods. Growth habit is vigorous and upright. Download PDF

Celestial® Dogwood

Cornus x 'Rutdan'
Height: 20' | Spread: 20' | Zone: 6

Clean, disease resistant foliage and a heavy annual bloom make this tree both reliable and beautiful. Cream-white flowers have broad, overlapping bracts. Download PDF

Eddie's White Wonder Dogwood

Cornus 'Eddie's White Wonder'
Height: 25' | Spread: 20' | Zone: 6

White flower bracts of this hybrid cultivar are much larger than those of its parent C. florida, and it grows taller. It is also easier to grow and more adaptable than its other parent, C. nuttallii. Download PDF

Starlight® Dogwood

Cornus kousa x nuttallii 'KN4-43' PP16293
Height: 30' | Spread: 20' | Zone: 6

Remarkable for its heavy flowering character, this hybrid of Pacific and Chinese Dogwood combines beauty, adaptability, disease resistance and outstanding performance. Large and firm, creamy white flowers are borne on branches that grow in a strong, upright fashion to form an upright oval canopy. Clean, dark green foliage shines throughout the summer months before turning red in the fall. Orange fruits are 3/4-inch in diameter. Download PDF

Stellar Pink® Dogwood

Cornus x 'Rutgan'
Height: 20' | Spread: 20' | Zone: 6

Blooms of this Rutgers hybrid are a delicate shade of soft pink, a little lighter in color than those of Pink Flowering Dogwood. Flower bracts are large and slightly overlapping. Fall color is a blend of bright red to purple shades. Download PDF

Venus® Dogwood

Cornus (kousa x nuttallii) x kousa 'KN 30-8' PP 16309
Height: 25' | Spread: 20' | Zone: 5b

Huge flowers are traffic stoppers and the source of garden envy when they bloom in late spring. Venus® has the largest bloom of any dogwood we have ever seen. Branches are laden with gorgeous creamy white blooms that can exceed six inches in diameter. Nearly sterile, this exotic hybrid bears little fruit and is hardy through USDA Zone 5b. Deep green foliage turns red to purple red in autumn. Download PDF

Cornus - Other Varieties

Cornelian Cherry

Cornus mas
Height: 20' | Spread: 22' | Zone: 5

Masses of small sulfur yellow flowers cover bare branches in early spring, before the forsythia bloom. Bright red, cherry-like fruits appear among the dark green glossy leaves in late summer. Reddish fall color varies in hue from year to year. Tough and adaptable, its exfoliating bark adds interest to the winter silhouette. Download PDF

Golden Glory Cornelian Cherry

Cornus mas 'Golden Glory'
Height: 22' | Spread: 18' | Zone: 5

Featuring a more upright growth habit, glossier foliage, and brighter yellow flowers, this improved cultivar makes a more uniform and better looking specimen than the species. Download PDF

Saffron Sentinel™ Cornelian Cherry

Cornus mas 'JFS PN4Legacy'
Height: 22' | Spread: 12' | Zone: 4

Bright yellow flowers emerge along winter-bare branches of this vigorous, symmetrical, columnar Cornelian Cherry. Dark green foliage follows, remaining clean and dark green through the summer months before turning deep crimson in autumn. Tart and tasty bright red fruit ripens in late summer to early fall. Attractive dark brown bark exfoliates with age.. Download PDF

June Snow™ Dogwood

Cornus controversa 'June Snow-JFS'
Height: 30' | Spread: 40' | Zone: 5

Snow comes to summer when this elegant, wide spreading tree blooms in June. Large clusters of flat-topped blooms, composed of tiny white, star-like flowers, float above the dark green, strongly textured leaves. These may exceed six inches in diameter and evolve into clusters of tiny blue-black fruits that are quickly devoured by birds. Mottled fall colors are a medley of brilliant orange-yellow, salmon, red, purple and purple-red. Download PDF