Our customers share their views...

“Leaves of Crimson Sunset® hold their luster and purple color through the hot and dry weather, with no evidence of leaf scorch. Trees have weathered our winters with ease and remained disease-free during a record rainfall year.”

Jay Daley, Sunleaf Nursery, Ohio

“This vigorous tree thrives in our nursery where Crimson King never would. Its attractive and durable, heat resistant foliage opens up a southern market for purple-leaf maple.”

John Barbour, Bold Spring Nursery, Georgia

“This tree is a solid performer in our nursery, much superior to Crimson King. The purple color holds up nice, and we've seen no leaf scorch or problems with insects or disease”

Ed Tankard, The Tankard Nurseries, Virginia

"What's not to like? A classy elegant look, with glossy purple leaves and no burn or fuss, even in our 100° heat. Those who avoid Crimson King because of the scorching will be pleased with Crimson Sunset®"

Jon Reelhorn, Belmont Nursery, California