Ringing endorsements of Crimson Spire™ Oak

“As growers, we love the Crimson Spire™ Oak because it virtually grows itself! With minimal pruning & staking, we can produce a specimen plant that our customers love. We are very pleased with the growth rate & ornamental features of this tree. The Crimson Spire™ Oak is quickly becoming a favorite in our plant mix!”

Becky Thomas, Spring Grove Nursery, IL

“We like Crimson Spire™ Oak, and our customers do, too. They perform a lot better for us than the English Oaks. They are hardier, they transplant better, and they are resistant to powdery mildew.”

Ray Wiegand, Ray Wiegand’s Nursery, Inc., MI

“Crimson Spire™ oaks are excellent performers for us. They are very uniform and hardy and transplant well. If they can survive the wild Oklahoma weather, they can survive anywhere!”

Brad Harris, Harris Landscape, Inc., OK

“Of the fastigiate oaks, it’s the best of the lot. It stays very clean from powdery mildew and has good fall color. It has good form that doesn’t require much pruning, and it digs and transplants well.”

Sandy Howkins - Specimen Trees, BC

“In my opinion, Crimson Spire oaks are absolutely beautiful. Some of their best qualities are rich green summer foliage, and that they are branched all the way down to the ground. ”

Warren Senger - Marine City Nursery Company, MI

“Blue Grass Farms has had almost a 100% transplant rate of Crimson Spire oaks. With this and the fact that they keep their true, columnar shape, and don’t have mildew problems, they have been a top pick for us.”

Mickey Gaw - Blue Grass Farm, IN

“The fall color on Crimson Spire oaks this far north is brilliant! They are a beautiful tree with great form.”

Gina Hallihan - Sheridan Nurseries, ON

“I love this tree for its fall color and its columnar form,” he says. “It has great summer foliage that turns vibrant red in the fall. I like the way it holds its leaves through the winter months, too, so you’re not looking at bare twigs.”

Boyd Martin - Deree Nursery, KS