Green organizations recognize our outreach, advocacy and leadership efforts

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A trio of national, regional and local awards recognizes the advocacy, volunteerism, leadership and stewardship efforts of Nancy Buley, our communications director. She coordinates our outreach and education to landscape architects, non-profit tree planting groups, city foresters, arborists and others.

While Nancy is deeply honored – and surprised – by this flurry of awards, she declares that she didn’t earn them on her own. In a note of thanks to her co-workers, she made it clear that everyone in our company earned the recognition and honors.

“These awards honor all of us,” Nancy wrote. “They honor our Founders, Frank and Evelyn and their families, management, office staff, field workers and sales representatives. The awards were earned by everyone who works together to grow and market and sell the great trees that I have the privilege of talking about, writing about, and promoting to audiences across the country. These awards are given in my name, but they honor every one of you, and I accept them for all of us. Trees are the Answer!”

The 2013 Clayton W. Hannon Outstanding Service Award was presented to Nancy by the Oregon Association of Nurseries. Named for the OAN’s former executive director, the award is given for specific and notable service to the industry, according to the OAN press release, which stated,

“Buley has been involved in efforts to promote the benefits of trees, including educating landscape architects, politicians, arborists and others.”

The 2014 Garry Oak Award was presented by Friends of Trees, Oregon’s non-profit tree planting and community-building organization.

“Nancy Buley has done more to help people across the country appreciate the value of a tree than perhaps any other person we know,” states an article in Growth Rings. Nancy has served as a volunteer tree planter and member of the board of directors since 2008.

Friends of Trees is celebrating its 25th Anniversary, and the planting of more than 450,000 trees including 50,000+ street and neighborhood trees. Thousands were purchased from JFS. We are proud to be their partners in greening Portland and beyond, and looking forward to being a lead sponsor of the anniversary gala.

The 2014 Frederick Law Olmsted Award was presented to Nancy on April 26 at a ceremony in Nebraska City, Nebraska, the home of Arbor Day. She was among 13 individuals and organizations honored for outstanding contributions to tree planting, conservation and stewardship by Arbor Day Foundation. For details, visit the Arbor Day Foundation.

Each award recipient was introduced with a video highlighting their tree advocacy and stewardship efforts.  Nancy’s included many scenes of her planting, speaking and promoting our trees to green industry groups, legislators and citizens. Watch it on YouTube.

Art Anderson, JFS General Manager and co-chair of the 2013 OAN convention, took pleasure in presenting the Clayton W. Hannon Award to Nancy. He received the award in 2001.

Scott Fogary, FOT Executive Director, and Nancy team up to plant a JFS-grown bare root Red Oak along the I-205 Multi-Use Path.

Olmstead Award is presented by John Rosenow, Founder and President of Arbor Day Foundation.

Arbor Day festivities included the planting of a pine tree on the grounds of Arbor Lodge State Park. Nancy is assisted by her son, Neil Buley.