Hop aboard for a summer propagation tour

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Plant propagators from around the world learned about our summer propagation techniques during a virtual North American Summit of the International Plant Propagators’ Society (IPPS) that took place in July. If you didn’t attend the summit and missed out on our tour, you’re in luck!

We invite you to hop onto our YouTube channel and ride along with Guy Meacham, our New Plant Development Manager, as he shares our summer propagation techniques.

Guy is a longtime IPPS member who shares our propagation information in keeping with the organization’s motto, “To seek and to share.” For membership information, click here.

Trees propagated in the summer via the methods demonstrated in the IPPS tour included softwood cutting production of flowering cherries and red maple cultivars, t-budding of tulip tree and sugar maple, chip budding of elms, and in the greenhouse; whip and tongue grafting of Japanese maple and chip budding of Ginkgo biloba.

Our propagation teams stick thousands of softwood cuttings every day during the height of the summer propagation season. Celina Villasenor de Olivares brings another tray to Perla Medina Rodriguez and Ana Morales Remigio.