Hybrid dogwood is
an all-season wonder
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It’s a wonder that more people don’t grow and enjoy Eddie’s White Wonder Dogwood. It’s been commercially propagated and available in the trade since 1955, ten years after it was discovered by Henry M. Eddie, a Vancouver, B.C. nurseryman.

It’s a wonder - the way its big, beautiful white flowers grow to more than four inches in diameter in the spring. Composed of four to six large, rounded and overlapping bracts, these blooms create a striking display in the spring. Dark green summer foliage is handsome throughout the summer months, and turns to rich red in the fall. Small red fruits decorate its branches in winter.

Dappled sunlight illuminates showy blooms of Eddie’s White Wonder Dogwood.

A hybrid of the Pacific Northwest native dogwood, Cornus nuttallii, and Cornus florida, it grows taller and has larger flowers than those of the better-known native of the southeastern United States. It is also easier to grow, more resistant to anthracnose, and generally more adaptable than its other parent, Pacific Dogwood.

Upright and rather pyramidal in form, with slightly pendulous branching, Eddie’s White Wonder Dogwood grows to a height of about 25 feet with a spread of about 20 feet. Hardiness is USDA Zone 6.

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