Handsome new hybrid elm answers
need for tough shade tree
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Accolade® Elm
(Ulmus japonica x wilsoniana’ Morton’) is characterized by arching limbs and a graceful vase shape like that of the classic American Elm. Its glossy dark green foliage changes to yellow in the fall and is resistant to elm leaf beetle feeding as well as Dutch Elm Disease and Phloem Necrosis. This fine cultivar derives from an outstanding specimen tree growing at Morton Arboretum (pictured).

Heat and drought resistant, this Chicagoland Grows® introduction also shows good nursery form and appears to be one of the best of the hybrid elms. The parent tree, according to information released by Chicagoland Grows®, Inc., is a hybrid of U. japonica x U. wilsoniana. It originated from seed distributed in 1924 by the Arnold Arboretum of Boston, Massachusetts. For more information about Accolade™ Elm and other Chicagoland Grows®introductions, go to http://www.chicagolandgrows.org

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