White plumes of Tree Lilacs
greet summer season
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Tree lilacs are among the select group of flowering trees that are tough enough to earn our UtiliTrees® designation, and perform beautifully in the garden as well. Early summer blooms are eye catching during early summer at a time when most flowering trees have finished blooming. Mature size of both is approximately 20 feet in height by 15 feet in spread.

Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac (Syringa reticulata ‘Ivory Silk’)sports large upright plumes of creamy white flowers in early summer. Adaptability to urban growing conditions, small stature and an upright spreading vase shape have earned this tough little tree a place on our UtiliTrees® list. Mature height is about 20 feet, with a spread of about 15 feet. Hardiness rating is USDA Zone 4.

Summer Charm® Tree Lilac (Syringa pekinensis ‘DTR’ 124) bears profuse white blooms that are similar to those of Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac,. However, there are several distinct differences. Its lustrous dark green foliage is finer textured than that of ‘Ivory Silk’, and mature trees have a more rounded, relaxed form. Its shape is upright and spreading. Due to its small stature, adaptability hardiness, Summer Charm® Tree Lilac has been added to our UtiliTrees® list. Hardiness is USDA Zone 3.

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